Welcome to Terminocheck Project Homepage

A little description :

Terminocheck is a (very little !) Perl project hosted on Savannah (non-GNU), aimed to be used by developers and webmasters to parse their files and correct "bad" mistakes that could confuse the reader (typically saying 'Linux' where 'GNU/Linux', the system, is meant).

This script has been first created because of a request from people from http://help.riseup.net: switch all occurrences of 'Linux' in their documentation to 'GNU/Linux'.

It could have been done with GNU sed or something like that, or even a simple Perl script with recursion in interpreter's command line, but we wanted to make a dynamic and reusable script, which would offer to the user the possibility to examine the context of the occurrence, check if replacement is appropriated (for example if text speaks about the Linux kernel), etc.

Development is at an early stage. We hope to add a lot more features (for example, scan into a git repository to evaluate the amount of changes that may be needed there).
For more information, or to give us help or comments -- it can be about language, we know we can make some mistakes, as I am french -- please contact me at .

Petite description en français :

Ce programme en ligne de commande permet aux utilisateurs de scanner des fichiers texte (code source, documentation, etc), à la recherche d'erreurs terminologiques.

Par défaut, il remplace les occurrences "Linux" par GNU/Linux (le noyeau par le système d'exploitation) ; cependant il laisse le choix de la correction à l'utilisateur, car certains cas ambigües doivent pouvoir être résolus manuellement.